• Adam Kanipe


The “in-between” time. Those are the small moments at home found in between cooking supper, washing dishes, cutting grass and folding laundry. The in-between times are when I sit down with paint and markers to dream and create. With sketches on paper, and more often than not, a Maltese dog sleeping in my lap, bible verses are drawn as tiny pictures to be given or hidden somewhere. And it was during one of these in-between moments when an idea was given to me. I say given because the idea I believe, is an answer to a prayer request I had asked from God.

Of the Bible coins that have been given or hidden, the vast majority of these have been in and around the mountain town of Asheville. This is where I was born, where I grew up. This is where I met the love of my life, married her and together raised a family. I know every back street, every creek, cove, holler and mountain. This is home. Like any town, Asheville wouldn’t be anything without its people. This is your home. And although I may know all the shortcuts, I do not know all of you…but I know the One who does.

As a Christ follower, we are called by Jesus to go out and share the gospel: “…Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” - Matthew 28:19-20.

Alright, back to my prayer. My prayer is for you, my neighbors, to know Him. To have a relationship with Jesus. And ultimately the choice to know Him is up to you, it is my calling as a Christ follower to spread the gospel, whether by preaching, writing, or in this case, through ink and art.

Therefore, I introduce to you my mission: #Jesuslovesasheville. In the next days, weeks (and maybe months depending on how this goes) there will be bible coins hidden all over Asheville and the surrounding areas along with the hashtag #Jesuslovesasheville, along with the encouragement of whoever finds them to share and post their find on social media. Now, I am not social media savvy. I do not fully understand the algorithms of how hashtags work, what is successful and what is not. I know some things go viral and some things get lost in the shuffle. But I do know that my heart is set on making an impact. Even if this doesn’t change a thing, my eyes are set on things above and I labor in the hope that God will be glorified.

We’ve all heard the popular mottos and sayings associated with Asheville like “land of the sky”, #828isgreat, #beercity and #keepashevillewierd. That is what we are known for and just part of what makes Asheville great. But what if Asheville can be known for something much more than that? Can Asheville be identified as a place where people hear about Jesus? A place where, when people visit, feel the presence of the Holy Spirit? A place where someone can say “That’s where I was when I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior?” Perhaps for some people it is already that place. Yet there are so many who are thirsty for the gospel! Perhaps it is time for a revival! Every tidal wave begins with a ripple.

In a way, as I write, this is a love letter to the people Asheville. Or rather, an extension of the real love letter. The one written in blood on the cross Jesus died on some 2,000 years ago… The death He died in my and your place. The One who rose from the dead, conquering sin and the grave! Jesus the One who is the Living Lord and Savior!

I am but one small voice, but together we are many. Together we can spread the word, that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! So if you know this truth… post it! Tag it! Share it! And if you are still searching, see it, hear it and receive it! Know it!

#Jesuslovesasheville. Here we go…

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