• by Adam Kanipe

2017 Year in Review

2017... the year it all began - the start of the Bible Coins! This has been a fun and exciting year sharing the Word of God through art, imagination and a couple hundred painted wooden nickels. The following is a breakdown of the numbers for the year 2017

Total number of coins made: 236

Total number given to people: 103

Total number hidden to be found: 67

Scavenger Hunts: 3

Given/Hidden by State: 158 - NC, 6 - SC, 1 - GA, 5 - FL

Notable Towns Visited:

Candler NC (hometown)

Asheville NC

Columbia SC

Hilton Head SC

Kingsland GA

Walt Disney World FL

We wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2018! May God bless you through His son, Jesus Christ!

Adam's Bible Coins - Find them! Keep them! Share them! Glory to God!

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