Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What are these Bible Coins all about?

A - Bible Coins are a fun and exciting way to share God and His Word! Some are given, and some are out there waiting to be found!


Q - I found a coin lying around somewhere, did someone drop it? Who's coin is this?

A- If you found it, its yours to keep! Use the coin key to identify your coin and then look for it in the coin library.  Once you have found it, click on the picture for more information on your coin!

Q - How did this all begin?

A - The idea came about of a desire to creating a fun way to share God's Word, the Bible. Trading cards are neat, but they bend and tear. A coin instead seems to carry more weight, are more interesting, fun to find (and even funner to leave behind or give away!) So I bought some wooden blanks, some markers and paint, and went from there.

Q - What is the first coin you ever made?

A - The first coin created was Genesis, which I felt was an appropriate place to start as Genesis is the first book of the Bible and starts with God's creation.

Q - Why aren't there coins for all the books of the Bible? 

A - This is going to be a continual work in progress. I am not making them on any schedule or in any order, just spontaneous creativity!

Q - What's the point of doing all this?

A - Because I know God created me and He loves me. He loves me so much in fact that He sent His Son Jesus to live a perfect life, and die on the cross, in my place, for my sins.  Jesus didn't stay dead either.  He is risen, conquering death and the grave!  Jesus gives us victory over our sin! This beautiful truth that I have and know in Him, is something that I can't keep to myself!  So it is my hope that these coins may in a small (or big) way, help someone along into knowing this truth!  That God created you and loves you!  Jesus is for everyone!

Q - What is the Bible?

A - the Bible is the holy word of God.  It is from God, for us, so that we may know Him and His will. God's word is a gift so that, if we read it, we can learn about and understand God. We were created by God, for God. We were created to worship Him and give Him glory!

Q - What is sin? 

A - Sin is our disobedience to God. We are all sinners, each one of us has sinned.  God is holy and without sin, and sin separates us from God.  Because we have sin we cannot be with God. The payment for sin is death.  But the good news is God had a rescue plan to save us from our sins! Jesus!

Q - Who is Jesus?

A - Jesus is the Son of God. The Holy Trinity is made up of God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to rescue us from our sin. It is through Jesus and only through Jesus that we may have eternal life with Him in heaven.

Q - Why did Jesus die on the cross?

A - The payment for sin is death. Jesus' death on the cross was all part of God's plan to rescue us from our sins. Jesus lived a perfect life and died on the cross in our place, for our sins. His death paid the debt we owe for our sins. This is the gift of God if we choose to accept it.

Q - How do I accept Jesus? How do I get saved?

A - First of all you have to accept that you are a sinner. You have to understand that your sin, your disobedience to God, condemns and separates you from God. You also have to understand that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and through Him the ONLY way that you can be saved.  If you can do that, then pray to Him. It can be like this: "Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner. I ask for your forgiveness of my sins.  I believe that you died on the cross for my sins and have risen from the grave! I want to turn from my sins and follow you Jesus! I ask you to come into my heart and to be my Lord and Savior. In Jesus name I pray, Amen."