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If you're here then you've probably either been given or found a Bible Coin! Bible Coins were started up in 2017 as a fun an exciting way to explore God's Holy Word​. Use the Coin key below to discover which coin you have and what the color and numbers on your coin mean. After you know which type of coin you have (with the border color) you can visit the Coin Library to learn even more about your coin! Be sure to check back in now and then to see the new coins that have been created. You can visit our blog section to see what's new, as some coins may have been hidden somewhere with clues for you to find them! Take a look around, we hope you enjoy our site! May God bless you! This site is for Him!

Overall Coin number for Year (for 2017 this also serves as Master coin number)

Master Coin Number (reverse side)

Coin Key





Border Color Code

Book Coin

Jesus Coin

Item Coin

People Coin

Place Coin

Scripture Coin

Run Number 

(Represents the coin number of its Name. This is the 1st Jonah coin. The next would be 2, 3 and so on.)